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  • at 08:18 on 17-01-2018

    Do you feel like expanding, or should we leave it there? I suspect that my views aren't quite the norm here either... but then, I suppose I'm not sure what the norm even is.

  • at 00:33 on 17-01-2018

    I thought we were mostly in agreement on structures?  Otherwise, oops, that's embarrassing.

  • at 04:58 on 16-01-2018

    On Christie Golden:  Yes, she’s written a lot of garbage. I would single out Starcraft: Flashpoint and World of Warcraft: War Crimes as particularly bad, but itR...

  • at 02:41 on 15-01-2018

    I like Golden's Lord of the Clans and Rise of the Horde for Warcraft tie-ins, but she's also written a lot of garbage, so to be honest I would have waited for reviews on '...

  • at 07:22 on 14-01-2018

    Robinson: Right, I think there’s a fair argument that Del Rey’s consolidation of the EU was the nail in the coffin. I would have been interested in Christie Golden’s &...

  • at 10:22 on 12-01-2018

    Coming back to a few things…  Robinson:  I don’t particularly mind the death of Anakin in NJO, though I think they could have done more with Jaina. I believe origin...

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