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  • at 06:41 on 27-02-2016


    Not necessarily. You don't need to believe in the philosophy that the Jedi have spun around the Force to use it, after all. If the Force is just there as a literal f...

  • at 11:45 on 26-02-2016

    It is entirely possible that Leia uses the Force all the time but isn't recognisably a Jedi because she doesn't call herself one, doesn't dress like one, and doesn't really do any ...

  • at 03:34 on 11-02-2016

    But part of the excitement for me in those books was also on the cosmological scale, and the - incorrect - sense I got that Sauron's acquisition of the ring could mean indefinite v...

  • at 07:07 on 09-02-2016

    I hope that now they've planted their flag, so to speak, they'll feel more free to explore new territory with Episodes VIII and IX, and open up more creative space.

  • at 01:05 on 06-02-2016

    Which I understood in a sort of Gnostic way. There is the good or the right way in the centre, which is known both intellectually and emotionally and then there is distance from it...

  • at 23:48 on 01-02-2016

    I can't help but find the bit about "the concept of the Force and its Light and Dark Sides, a concept that has probably been the most important contribution to pop-culture ethics in living mem...

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