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  • at 06:41 on 27-02-2016


    Not necessarily. You don't need to believe in the philosophy that the Jedi have spun around the Force to use it, after all. If the Force is just there as a literal f...

  • at 11:45 on 26-02-2016

    It is entirely possible that Leia uses the Force all the time but isn't recognisably a Jedi because she doesn't call herself one, doesn't dress like one, and doesn't really do any ...

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  • 03:37, 14-11-2017 on Shadow of WTF:

    Ah, well. I was being far too obsessive anyway, so never mind.  On Shelob... it occurs that Tolkien did talk, in On ...

  • 11:19, 13-11-2017 on Shadow of WTF:

    On the racial politics front, if you'll forgive me being a Tolkien nerd about continuity?  To my knowledge, Tolkien neve...

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