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  • at 08:18 on 17-01-2018

    Do you feel like expanding, or should we leave it there? I suspect that my views aren't quite the norm here either... but then, I suppose I'm not sure what the norm even is.

  • at 00:33 on 17-01-2018

    I thought we were mostly in agreement on structures?  Otherwise, oops, that's embarrassing.

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  • 03:37, 14-11-2017 on Shadow of WTF:

    Ah, well. I was being far too obsessive anyway, so never mind.  On Shelob... it occurs that Tolkien did talk, in On ...

  • 11:19, 13-11-2017 on Shadow of WTF:

    On the racial politics front, if you'll forgive me being a Tolkien nerd about continuity?  To my knowledge, Tolkien neve...

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