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  • at 02:03 on 04-02-2016

    I would like to say that this Kylo Ren is so laughable that I can't find him scary, but I honestly can't say that. He hits just the right note of nerdboy sociopath convinced that feminism has ...

  • at 19:05 on 30-08-2014

    Maybe he'll grow up and do a real comic one day.

  • at 11:18 on 04-10-2013

    Anyway, thanks for creating a safe space where I don't have do 101 education before someone deigns to listen to me trying to help them do less harm to other people.

  • at 01:55 on 17-09-2013

    I see proof just about every day that there are dead raccoons.

  • at 01:19 on 13-09-2013

    Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it
     Lord love us all.

  • at 12:22 on 26-08-2013

    I also had the impression that the idea behind Bechdel was to make it ridiculously simple to call attention to how many movies still can't manage to pass it.

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  • 00:44, 14-09-2013 on City of Celluloid:

    Yeah, I just found out half the people I report to directly at work are younger than I am.

  • 01:16, 13-09-2013 on City of Celluloid:

    I assume you mean "the revenues expected from bestselling books are a whole lot lower than the revenues expected fro...

  • 02:03, 12-09-2013 on City of Celluloid:

    Yeah, if it hasn't managed to turn a profit in a good three weeks, I don't blame anyone for backing off. The standards for bests...

  • 11:55, 06-09-2013 on City of Celluloid:

    I think some reviewer pointed out that the "Morgenstern" thing is one more reason the film won't work for anyone old enough to r...

  • 00:04, 06-09-2013 on City of Celluloid:

    Fanon Draco must retain his English accent to remain fuckworthy. This point is not negotiable.

  • 21:32, 04-09-2013 on City of … Clocks? :

    I can understand wanting to use a motif for the time period, but it's weird to focus on one specific thing that you don't have a...

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