Junior college student from California. Majoring in Archaeology and minoring in Folklore and Popular culture. Hopefully future archeologist, archer, and author. Likes: books, dragons, animation, science fiction, superheroes, mythology, folklore. Dislikes: romance, The "His Mortal Instruments" series, Twilight, Family Guy, Man of Steel.

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  • at 05:35 on 24-05-2014

    Has anyone else besides Chez Apocalypse tried to humanize(romanticize?) the creatures of the Lovecraft mythos?

  • at 22:15 on 03-04-2014

    I attempted to read Snow Crash a while ago but I lost interest about half way through. I think it was around the point where Hiro and the computer had that long, long conversation about the co...

  • at 01:35 on 18-12-2013

    To be fair though, the cartoon in question wasn't intended to sell one brand of toys, it was meant to sell the DC Comics franchise in all its many and myriad forms.  So hav...

  • at 22:30 on 31-10-2013

    I hate the world today. Someone tell me something nice, or funny, or uplifting, please?
     Well when I hate life, this <a href="

  • at 04:42 on 23-10-2013


    Thing is, the types of evil I'm most concerned with combating are structural - it's hard to see how having superpowers would help much in that kind of fight, and you might jus...

  • at 02:02 on 22-10-2013

    Would I like to have superhuman powers? Maybe - I can see pros and cons, even setting aside the social aspects.
      That's an interesting thought, if you had sup...

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  • 05:08, 05-07-2013 on Subject Fail:

    I have a couple questions. When you said Jack was a "pseudo-badass" were you just referring to the story or were you including t...

  • 03:40, 19-04-2013 on Games. UR Doin It Wrong:

    I'm necroing this (that is the right term for it right?)because I used this game as the subject of a Folklore paper I wrote a fe...

  • 03:39, 06-02-2013 on City of … You Get the Idea :

    Oh the Mortal Instruments Series... how I loathe thee.  I'll spare you all rant about all the things I detest about this...

  • 01:54, 03-02-2013 on The Epic Dollhouse Article of Doom: Episodes 1-6 :

    I've got a question, why would Dollhouse use their amazing mindwiping technology for mundane purposes like creating personal bod...

  • 04:54, 27-01-2013 on I, Whedon:

    Hi! This is my first time commenting here. I came across this short story after reading this article. Its probably unintentional...

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