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  • at 22:26 on 30-06-2016

    I just saw that Fox (UK) is going to air "The Book of Negroes" mini-series under the less historically-based title "Someone Knows My Name", starting July the 17th. I watched that last year and...

  • at 21:40 on 21-07-2015

    By the way, if you want a show that has its heart in the same earnestly well-meaning place as "Spartacus" (i.e. lots of POC characters and feminist themes; the heroes are genuinely good people...

  • at 17:45 on 21-07-2015

    Moving this to the playpen because it's got nothing to do with "The Wizard of Oz":  @Robinson: Could you please clarify how you personally interpret the term "grimdark"? 'Cause I'm...

  • at 21:52 on 12-04-2015

    Oh! And I wanted to recommend the new series iZombie. It's kind of Veronica Mars crossed with Pushing Daisies. The protagonist is a cute and snarky zombie who has to eat brains and wh...

  • at 20:28 on 12-04-2015

    @Robinson: Re: Dust Yes, Rien said that she was definetly more into cis women, but she also said that she has had sex with cis boys "to be sure" (which I don't really think a 16-year-old l...

  • at 21:53 on 14-03-2015

    Argh, that's supposed to say "T.E. Lawrence", of course. I always get him mixed up with D.H. Lawrence...

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  • 14:52, 12-09-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    I have tried to read this article and follow the conversation in the comments, but have found myself unable to. All you've achie...

  • 18:38, 26-07-2014 on Timeo Daneos et Donar Ferentes:

    Addendum because the linked article says that there are 21% protestants in East Germany: That's probably the official number of ...

  • 18:09, 26-07-2014 on Timeo Daneos et Donar Ferentes:

    Does anyone else read "required to teach British Values" as a gigantic red flag?
      Oh yes. I can...

  • 16:16, 26-07-2014 on Red Seas Under Red Skies:

    You know, oddly most of the things you mention didn't bother me at all. Except the utter pointlessness of the opening cliffhange...

  • 01:46, 21-11-2013 on Great Social And Political Import:

    Also, I know this is necro-ing and probably pointless, but it's a pet-peeve, so please forgive me:  

    I'm iffy...

  • 22:37, 20-11-2013 on Great Social And Political Import:

    I was uncomfortable with "Lost Girl" because there was so little reflection about the fact that the main character's superpower ...

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