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  • at 04:23 on 09-08-2017

    Huh. I'd always assumed that Bert Coules wrote the BBC radio Sherlock Holmes pastiche "The Thirteen Watches" to update the canon with a little bit of LGBT-representation (much like the team of...

  • at 20:34 on 08-08-2017

    To restart the conversation:  Apparently Beyond Good and Evil is finally getting a sequel (well, prequel). But I'm no...

  • at 17:58 on 08-08-2017

    Thanks for the new password, Arthur. I wasn't aware before that your system allowed me to change it. I've changed it now to something I won't forget again.

  • at 22:26 on 30-06-2016

    I just saw that Fox (UK) is going to air "The Book of Negroes" mini-series under the less historically-based title "Someone Knows My Name", starting July the 17th. I watched that last year and...

  • at 21:40 on 21-07-2015

    By the way, if you want a show that has its heart in the same earnestly well-meaning place as "Spartacus" (i.e. lots of POC characters and feminist themes; the heroes are genuinely good people...

  • at 17:45 on 21-07-2015

    Moving this to the playpen because it's got nothing to do with "The Wizard of Oz":  @Robinson: Could you please clarify how you personally interpret the term "grimdark"? 'Cause I'm...

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  • 03:08, 11-04-2018 on Funny, Complex, Imbalanced.:

    Case in point about different frames of reference regarding Pratchett: I had to look it up to believe that by "the little pub" y...

  • 02:25, 11-04-2018 on Funny, Complex, Imbalanced.:

    This does sound interesting.  One little question, though, just to make sure we have the same frame of reference: Have y...

  • 10:48, 10-10-2017 on The Sequel of Shannara:

    Sorry for not answering earlier, Robinson.   The show isn't really as cheerfully self-parodying in the way Xena was - th...

  • 04:26, 12-08-2017 on The Narration of Shannara:

    Thanks.  Hm... How bad a dystopia are we talking about here? I don't mind reading such in principle, as long as it's not rel...

  • 20:57, 11-08-2017 on The Sequel of Shannara:

    Having just re-read this article and the one for the first book, and then re-watched the first double-episode of the show, I'm a...

  • 00:30, 10-08-2017 on The Sequel of Shannara:

    I have watched the TV series based on this book now, and it's... actually surprisingly good?  Especially the female char...

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