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  • at 07:30 on 24-07-2016

    So...the Necroscope books. Are any of them any good, or is it a "not even once" type deal? Inquiring mind want to know!

  • at 10:15 on 05-07-2016

    I'm now imagining with some glee the reaction if Fuller took Robinson's advice and the sort of people who support Trump came to the realization that there was a prime time network drama with n...

  • at 18:30 on 30-06-2016

    According to Johnson's people, Michael Gove edited and approved Boris's column about how Britain is and always will be a part of Europe, persuaded Boris not to cut any endorsement-for-Cabinet-...

  • at 15:45 on 30-06-2016

    Boris's leadership bid was clearly predicated on the idea that a large majority of Tories would vote for Brexit but that Leave would nevertheless lose the referendum, thus providing Boris with...

  • at 13:00 on 30-06-2016

    Looks like Dan's old bête noire Michael Gove may be the next Prime Minister.

  • at 10:50 on 24-06-2016

    Kind of surprised no one here is talking about the Brexit vote and Cameron's resignation.

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  • 09:00, 06-10-2016 on Holy Inmate Riots, Batman!:

    So, having now gotten 100% on main story and side missions in Arkham City, I can safely say that anyone who commented o...

  • 00:15, 20-09-2016 on Holy Inmate Riots, Batman!:

    It only took me three days, but I finally managed to win that damn boss battle and complete the story.  The ending was.....

  • 17:15, 17-09-2016 on Holy Inmate Riots, Batman!:

    I bought this the other day, and I really quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I can't finish it because there's some sort of glitch...

  • 20:45, 03-07-2016 on Absolutely Delirious:

    I've had this on my "to watch" list for a long time, ever since someone recommended it to me because of how much I like The ...

  • 00:15, 18-04-2016 on To Know Is To Die:

    I just noticed that this had displaced The Haunting as Arthur's nominee for the Axis of Awesome. High praise, indeed.<b...

  • 19:10, 11-04-2016 on Kickstopper: Goblin-Flavoured Diversions:

    The existence of Ultraviolet Plus tier is classified, citizen. Unauthorized knowledge of classified information is treason. Plea...

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