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  • at 18:05 on 28-09-2014

    Why limit this to nerd culture? Western culture in general is built on homophobic, transphobic, sexist and racist foundations, and when you poke at them the reaction you get is just as viru...

  • at 17:05 on 19-09-2014

    Alison Bechdel has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (aka genius grant). That's pretty awesome.   I took a class with her a couple of years ago, and she's genuinely awesome in...

  • at 17:39 on 19-06-2014

    I read The Mists of Avalon when I was. . .eight? in a big King Arthur phase, and I think my mom figured most of it would go over my head and/or bore me. (My mom didn't know in a few ...

  • at 19:40 on 12-04-2014

    Kit, have you read Man and Wife or The Law and the Lady? I think I especially enjoyed the former, with its intermittent rants on how joggers are ruining British culture and ...

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  • 18:16, 09-04-2014 on Sovereign. Deadly. Perfect.:

    (haha, I begged Kyra for a password and then promptly injured myself so that I had to minimize all non-work typing.)  Re...

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