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  • at 09:51 on 28-06-2015

    re Korrasami: I understand Mako was meant as Korra's love interest, designed in order to cash in on the massive Zutara shipping. The problem being he has all the personality of a tapeworm,...

  • at 13:09 on 15-11-2014

    I fail to see why the creator of Dangerous Visions should NOT be invited to every party…

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  • 20:25, 04-07-2018 on We Need to Talk About Conan:

    re the Dark Horse attempts to make Conan less of a rapist racist, that's as old as comics about him. I bitterly regret getting r...

  • 21:28, 25-06-2018 on We Need to Talk About Conan:

    It may be questionable to reactivate a topic for what is after all a comparatively minor point. Still, having reread Hward’...

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