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  • at 02:21 on 24-07-2015

    I really enjoyed Sense8. It isn't without some major flaws, but the features that seem to garner the most criticism don't really strike me as problems. Its leisurely start and disregard...

  • at 13:23 on 04-06-2015

    @James D - I have to admit that while I'd never thought of myself as caring much about the Hugos, I was caught off guard by how irritating I found it to see the process shut down by the Puppy ...

  • at 13:43 on 16-11-2014

    I think you're right to insist that it's important - especially as RH seems to have been disproportionately inclined to go after women of color - that the white voices in online SFF don't drow...

  • at 05:14 on 14-11-2014

    I haven't heard anyone talking about awards disqualification or anything like that. Out of curiosity, I went and read a story of hers, <a href="

  • at 11:47 on 13-11-2014

    Was the person who used to post here under the name Valse the same person who ran the "Requires Only That You Hate" blog?  I believe so.  The Requires Hate blowup has be...

  • at 05:21 on 03-10-2014

    It may well be a cultural issue. We're fairly backward here in the US, and challenges to books are not uncommon.  I’ve never really seen those as an “aid to parental mon...

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  • 10:06, 03-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    @Janne  I actually meant to suggest Cicero’s use of litterate as the earliest example of an adverb derived ...

  • 11:32, 02-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Yes, I think that's probably right, though to judge by the OED's citations (which go back to Middle English in both the "related...

  • 08:34, 02-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Adrienne:  My answer is, no, of course it's not any more "inherently hierarchical" than other sorts of differences be...

  • 07:12, 31-07-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    I agree with your conclusions, though I'm uncertain what you're saying at a couple points. Possibly because it's late, I've been...

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