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Moment of Awesome   Detention


  • Detention Taiwan's history of martial law makes for an excellent portable horror game
  • Always Be Purging The Purge series course-corrected after an underwhelming first installment. How successful was it?
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  • at 17:01 on 02-10-2018

    I was *just thinking* the other day that I wanted to read more about UFOlogy and urban legends. As soon as the leaves turn crunchy, I get an itch for that sort of thing.

  • at 18:35 on 23-05-2016  Didn't know another Syberia was in development. I remember reading the post about the previ...

  • at 11:47 on 16-12-2015

    Man, Scott Adams. I used to be a huge fan of both the Dilbert comics and books like The Dilbert Principle as a teen.  I've heard his "philosophical" book God's Debris is unintentionall...

  • at 16:54 on 23-11-2015

    If you're into museums the British Museum and the Natural History Museum are both excellent. The former has a really cool atrium thing with a glass roof that I thought was the absolute bee's k...

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