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  • at 18:35 on 23-05-2016  Didn't know another Syberia was in development. I remember reading the post about the previ...

  • at 11:47 on 16-12-2015

    Man, Scott Adams. I used to be a huge fan of both the Dilbert comics and books like The Dilbert Principle as a teen.  I've heard his "philosophical" book God's Debris is unintentionall...

  • at 16:54 on 23-11-2015

    If you're into museums the British Museum and the Natural History Museum are both excellent. The former has a really cool atrium thing with a glass roof that I thought was the absolute bee's k...

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  • 13:39, 10-11-2017 on Shadow of WTF:

    I bounced off the first game pretty hard due to being thoroughly fed up with both Assassin's Creed style open world games and Ba...

  • 19:31, 24-10-2016 on Dissecting Lovecraft Part 5: Home Again, Home Again, Cthulhu Fhtagn:

    The author must forget all about "short story technique" and build up a stark simple account, full of homely corroborative d...

  • 18:38, 05-08-2016 on Troy Had A Company:

    A new episode just came out a few hours ago! Look like it's still going.

  • 23:31, 25-07-2016 on Troy Had A Company:

    Thought I'd duck back into this comments thread to alert people to The West Records, a very obvious Marble Hornets-esque series ...

  • 18:20, 14-04-2016 on Troy Had A Company:

    Ferretbrain: Investigative Journalism Department.  I had no idea so much information about this whole mess had come out,...

  • 13:53, 22-01-2016 on The Narration of Shannara:

    I recently took a stab at the first few chapters of this as blog fodder. It wasn't so much the unoriginality of the plot that go...

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