Autodidact extraordinaire. Occasional experimental musician. Possibly the only Thomas Ligotti fan here more strident than Arthur. Appreciator of anime and animal-people. Far from as laconic as this description may indicate.

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  • at 06:54 on 02-08-2018

    I think I shall check that out later!  As for recent reading of my own, Arthur’s review of The Manual of Detection convinced me to give it a go and, what do you know, I re...

  • at 05:14 on 19-07-2018

    @Robinson: Pure pacifism is my ideal, but violence in a purely defensive capacity does not morally offend me so much as it strikes me as a depressing potential eventuality when dealing with vi...

  • at 06:34 on 16-07-2018

    Also, I thought jingai was the standard neutral term for “foreigner,” with gaijin being deeply offensive? Although I assume that’s your point here. And it’...

  • at 06:30 on 16-07-2018

    @Raymond H: I’m with Robinson when it comes to institutions like the military on an ideological level, I think, but by the same token I think that I would congratulate you should you att...

  • at 05:06 on 13-07-2018

    Also I saw that HBG video not too long after it went up and I found it extremely resonant. The fact that he basically restates the thesis to Thomas Ligotti's excellent "The Consolations of Hor...

  • at 06:11 on 12-07-2018

    I don't think that Laird Barron has seen much play here but, setting aside the way that he uses archetypes of aggressive masculinity to show the malign indifference of the cosmos in his work, ...

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