Autodidact extraordinaire. Occasional experimental musician. Possibly the only Thomas Ligotti fan here more strident than Arthur. Appreciator of anime and animal-people. Far from as laconic as this description may indicate.

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  • at 03:55 on 19-06-2018

    Oh man, that guy. Oh wow. It used to be you just had to watch out for the prudy homophobes and the folks in the uniforms were just pervy dorks. *long sigh*  Essentially, your fu...

  • at 04:37 on 18-06-2018

    Bat wings, rather. Phone typing is an adventure.

  • at 04:36 on 18-06-2018

    The better part of furry fandom is fairly tame sexually speaking, but getting too insistent on that point is kind of its own joke at this point. It is, however, something like 65-70% some shad...

  • at 16:43 on 16-06-2018

    No problem. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised, but it's worth pondering. Although, regardless, one's presence on the asexuality spectrum and a queer romantic orientation are not mutually exclu...

  • at 04:33 on 15-06-2018

    This is fair. I defer to your expertise on the matter. But I do think it worth considering the climate and attitudes within the faiths with which Miyazawa came to fashion his worldview at the ...

  • at 06:44 on 14-06-2018

    As you might have noticed, I have a *lot* to say about this subject. :P

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