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  • at 17:15 on 28-01-2017

    I actually have a copy of The Wine-Dark Sea in paperback, although it is unfortunately the American edition which misses "The Stains", among others. I have found Cold Hand in Mine</i...

  • at 06:06 on 20-01-2017

    Bit apropos of nothing, but I think that my recent reading may be of interest to the greater Ferretbrain community, such as it is: James Blaylock's understated, lightly satirical supernatural ...

  • at 22:08 on 12-12-2016

    To be fair to Trump's quasi-reactionary supporters, I do think that the true roots of their grievances and the emotions that arise from them are not inherently invalid: A lot of these guys, wh...

  • at 16:30 on 11-12-2016

    Apologies for my presumptuousness, Robinson. This line of conversation tends to make me a bit grim and unfriendly, I confess.  I happen to quite agree with you on the whole notion that...

  • at 00:16 on 09-12-2016

    P.S. Clinton won the popular vote by two-and-a-half million votes. This difference between the popular vote and what the electoral college has been given is the widest since Samuel Tilden trad...

  • at 00:11 on 09-12-2016

    Just chiming in as an actual American here (albeit one who favours Commonwealth spelling, which is perhaps deceptive) that this idea that the wave of support which Trump received was reducible...

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