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  • at 18:39 on 11-09-2017

    I would love to see a Kiernan retrospective, personally. Very interesting author.

  • at 05:37 on 08-09-2017

    (I am, of course, speaking of Copper's horror fiction rather than his detective fiction, an area in which he was far more prolific, although the fact that he actually wrote quite a few Solar P...

  • at 05:33 on 08-09-2017

    Robert Price was, at one point, not unlike Derleth in his better moments, an extremely important figure in Lovecraft fandom who cultivated and championed many talented young writers through th...

  • at 06:35 on 27-08-2017

    Joshi has always been prickly, to put it mildly, but of late he has become remarkably defensive and snotty, to the point of espousing some peculiar quasi-reactionary views in the service of sh...

  • at 23:48 on 01-03-2017

    I was going to mention that in a comment, but I was too engaged with reading the article and it totally slipped my mind.  Incidentally, the detail of a frog scraping its own eyes out o...

  • at 17:15 on 28-01-2017

    I actually have a copy of The Wine-Dark Sea in paperback, although it is unfortunately the American edition which misses "The Stains", among others. I have found Cold Hand in Mine</i...

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  • 07:29, 29-05-2017 on Rethinking Prometheus:

    Having finally seen this film for myself, I must say that I largely agree with the interpretation put forth here, as well as Art...

  • 20:42, 12-03-2017 on Machen Fairies Grim Again:

    To which I would respond that Machen seems unusually aware of the shittiness of his own society in its treatment of women and gi...

  • 00:56, 11-03-2017 on Machen Fairies Grim Again:

    See, I'm not so sure given the implied nature of the magic that the narrator learns. Many of the rituals that she describes have...

  • 20:19, 09-03-2017 on Machen Fairies Grim Again:

    Was "N" not in any of these? Because there is a passage in that one relating to the Fall which puts Ambrose's theory of evil in ...

  • 23:45, 01-03-2017 on Lumley's Little Bites:

    Possibly it is a nod to the fact that one of Lumley’s stories - The Night Sea-Maid Went Down - a...

  • 00:56, 21-01-2017 on People are Insects:

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Sören! It certainly is a curious tale, yet one which pulled at my heartstrings in a way that...

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