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  • at 23:48 on 01-03-2017

    I was going to mention that in a comment, but I was too engaged with reading the article and it totally slipped my mind.  Incidentally, the detail of a frog scraping its own eyes out o...

  • at 17:15 on 28-01-2017

    I actually have a copy of The Wine-Dark Sea in paperback, although it is unfortunately the American edition which misses "The Stains", among others. I have found Cold Hand in Mine</i...

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  • 07:29, 29-05-2017 on Rethinking Prometheus:

    Having finally seen this film for myself, I must say that I largely agree with the interpretation put forth here, as well as Art...

  • 20:42, 12-03-2017 on Machen Fairies Grim Again:

    To which I would respond that Machen seems unusually aware of the shittiness of his own society in its treatment of women and gi...

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