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  • at 22:45 on 22-12-2016

    Arthur,  Any plans to discuss Alan Moore's Lovecraftian work?

  • at 22:16 on 22-08-2016

    Robinson,  I don't think Tolkien is saying that divinely ordained authority figures can't be questioned. Certainly in his invented history there are lots of bad kings who make bad dec...

  • at 18:46 on 22-08-2016

    Robinson,  I do believe that Tolkien was deeply reactionary, so reactionary that his politics is essentially irrelevant. If you believe that English history took a tragic wrong turn i...

  • at 15:07 on 21-08-2016

    Is Arthur B OK? Ordinarily, I'd expect him to join the discussion by this point, although if he's just sick to death of talking about Michael Moorcock that's perfectly understandable.

  • at 02:06 on 21-08-2016

    It's amazing how many male British fantasy writers--Moorcock, Pullman, Mieville--at some point go public with their beefs with Tolkien. To go overly Freudian about it, it's as if fantasy writ...

  • at 01:23 on 21-08-2016

    I think there's an enormous difference between saying Orcs are irredeemably evil and saying Jews are irredeemably evil in that Orcs do not actually exist. (Tolkien's own attitude towards Nazi...

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