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  • 18:59, 27-01-2017 on The Self-Hating Pantomime:

    Oh yeah, agreed. I should have mentioned the fact that it completely wimps out of the Alfred subplot. Understandable for a carto...

  • 16:33, 27-01-2017 on The Self-Hating Pantomime:

    I think part of the trouble with the Alfred subplot is not simply that it exists at all in a film that should have stuck to neon...

  • 05:22, 23-12-2016 on It Looks Xothic, But Is Really So Thin...:

    Two main thoughts spring to mind from all this. The first is that I need to start using the term "Copulated awesomely" as often ...

  • 20:24, 13-12-2016 on Derleth Forsake Me Oh My Darling:

    Oh, I don't know... an endless shifting realm of eldritch architecture and impossible landscapes? The Herriman Mythos is pretty ...

  • 22:00, 10-12-2016 on Derleth Forsake Me Oh My Darling:

    The titles alone in the series win the internet for today.  There can be times when it's hard to think of anything posit...

  • 21:55, 10-12-2016 on Cranial Cushing:

    As for the sexual (or something) metaphors, I'm reminded a little here of the original story of Dr. Jekyll and Me. Hyde. The seq...

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