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  • at 22:49 on 05-01-2018

    @Daniel F: I missed a.bit but I have to say I'm satisfied with what they have done with the characters.   And in general, I've always had a bit of a looser interpretation of star wars ...

  • at 21:08 on 02-01-2018

    @ Robinson L Oh I want to be clear, I hope Billy Dee is brought into the next movie. I like Lando.  I don't feel like Finn is with anyone, Rose kissed him, not the other way around. I ...

  • at 14:30 on 02-01-2018

    Oh first post. I want to see if I could jump in a bit and give an opposing veiw on the new Star Wars films.  I have to say, the reaction to star wars by the fans seems to be pretty heavily...

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