Raymond H


No relation to Dan H (although he was the first person Raymond read on this site), Raymond H currently teaches Elementary School in Japan, though he aspires to be a novelist and translator (the fool). He's very thankful to be given the opportunity to contribute to this site and hopes to do well by the people here.


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playpen posts

  • at 01:38 on 17-09-2018

    Alright! I've successfully moved into my new apartment! Which... uh... means I don't have wi-fi (at least for my computer). I can still access this site on my phone, so I'll still be able to c...

  • at 05:57 on 09-09-2018

    Thanks. I've been doing some reading on Immigration policy and consulting friends. Even if my application for extension is denied, I have the right to a hearing, where I can make my case and p...

  • at 13:09 on 01-09-2018

    Thanks. There's still the matter of my visa, which is currently being reviewed by Immigration and may or may not be renewed. As my company has so eloquently put it, there's no good reason for ...

  • at 04:19 on 24-08-2018

    I got a job. I will be an elementa...

  • at 07:20 on 07-08-2018

    Heya gang. Sorry for my recent bout of radio silence. Things have been quite busy, but thankfully they also seem to be looking up at last (knock on wood, God willing, and all that). Borderlink...

  • at 10:57 on 26-07-2018

    Okay, I finally have time to address everyone now, although I'm really tired (I've been up since 1:30 AM, and it's 6:30 PM now) and I have a sunburn and blisters and a lot of stuff going on. B...

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