Raymond H


No relation to Dan H (although he was the first person Raymond read on this site), Raymond H currently teaches Elementary School in Japan, though he aspires to be a novelist and translator (the fool). He's very thankful to be given the opportunity to contribute to this site and hopes to do well by the people here.


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playpen posts

  • at 04:30 on 10-02-2019

    Catching this even more belatedly, but I would be interested in participating in a Discord channel also.

  • at 04:16 on 25-11-2018

    OKAY! Comment successfully posted to Wordpress! Sorry about that. Who would have guessed that catching a cold, having to renegotiate my water contract, planning and celebrating my mother's bir...

  • at 10:46 on 11-11-2018

    That's a good point, yeah. Which is why I think Conan works best in adaptations where the forces-beyond-our-control that he faces are more abstract concepts than human foes, such as <a href="h...

  • at 05:11 on 08-11-2018

    Oh yeah, and just for old times sake. Today's song is...

  • at 05:07 on 08-11-2018

    What Ferretbrain means to me:  I first ran into Ferretbrain in High School. This was my senior year, and I followed a TV Tropes link to Whistle Down the Wind. It was really entertainin...

  • at 05:07 on 08-11-2018

    Replying to Robinson, because you deserve a response:  Reminds me of the controversy around Star Trek: Into Darkness when they recast Khan Noonien Singh as Benedict Cumberbatch. I ...

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