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No relation to Dan H (although he was the first person Raymond read on this site), Raymond H currently teaches Middle School in Japan, though he aspires to be a novelist and translator (the fool). He's very thankful to be given the opportunity to contribute to this site and hopes to do well by the people here.


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playpen posts

  • at 12:09 on 19-06-2018

    Hey man, fandom! (shrugs)  Okay. Yeah, I mean, I always knew that your fursona was meant to be a refection of yourself, but I never really realized how personal and meaningful the deci...

  • at 12:45 on 18-06-2018

    Yes, yes, I know. It's the straight ones you've got to watch out for an all that. I'm well aware of the Furred Reich, as it were. [adjusts monocle]  You...have evidently given this a g...

  • at 12:21 on 17-06-2018

    Oh. Oh yeah. Enh, dang kids with yer Kinsey scales an' yer romantic orientations and whatnot. Back in my day it was just LGBT, now there's what, twenty different letters? I k...

  • at 12:48 on 16-06-2018

    Ah, sorry if I sounded harsh! It's just that when the role of historical homophobia comes up in conversation I often find people who are so used to the Christian, religious type of homophobia ...

  • at 10:27 on 14-06-2018

    Devoutly? That's...not the word I would have used. I mean, he wanted to be a Nichiren Buddhist priest before a fellow clergymen convinced him to write. And he was actually quite critical on th...

  • at 10:49 on 13-06-2018

    In all seriousness though, your condolences are appreciated. I don't think I'm going to be deported just yet, although I may be barred from the restaurant for life. Considering the two options...

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