Raymond H


No relation to Dan H (although he was the first person Raymond read on this site), Raymond H currently teaches Middle School in Japan, though he aspires to be a novelist and translator (the fool). He's very thankful to be given the opportunity to contribute to this site and hopes to do well by the people here.


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playpen posts

  • at 13:31 on 20-07-2018

    Sorry for the short post. I just wanted to give a quick update before I get packing. I'll give a better post and respond to everybody once I'm more settled.  I had to say a lot of good...

  • at 11:33 on 18-07-2018

    I GOT A JOB! Sort of! Kind of! I still need to produce either an International Driver's Permit, a Japanese translation of my driver's license, or some form of documentation allowin...

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