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Arthur started a blog (new defunct) initially to make fun of Dan getting a blog. And then started posting in it. Then he started posting stuff here instead. Then an alarming amount of time passed and he ended up as Ferretbrain's second editor after Wardog passed on the torch. He also maintains a blog at Refereeing & Reflection, where he drones on about roleplaying games in way more detail than a general audience would care about.

Moment of Awesome   To Know Is To Die
Moment of Awful   Pedo Snore Screed of a Octafish


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playpen posts

  • at 13:25 on 07-06-2017

    We had a bit of downtime there due to a server upgrade - please poke if you notice any issues.

  • at 11:36 on 23-05-2017

    It definitely has that "newly made antique" look that was so inspirational to The Man In the High Castle.

  • at 10:28 on 22-05-2017

    I raised an eyebrow when the headline called her Dick's "muse", given that he put a lot of energy into demonising her. But then I saw that the text of the obituary acknowledges that, and she u...

  • at 11:12 on 19-04-2017

    (It has been noted that to log in and migrate to Dreamwidth you need to accept the new TOS. However, consider the following:  - If you're just logging in to migrate your account and th...

  • at 20:40 on 18-04-2017

    Yeah, the people I know who have Livejournals all seem to be migrating them to Dreamwidth.

  • at 13:16 on 07-04-2017

    The Hugo nominations are out, and it looks like the Rabid Puppies/Sad Puppies more or less entirely failed to shit all over them this year. So far as I can find out, the Sad Puppies didn't eve...

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