Douglas is really a level 70 orc. His interests in include mining thorium and making small, pointless trinkets for Kyra's imaginary cow. It has been suggested he plays too many computer games.


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  • at 22:27 on 04-12-2008

    I agree with Rami et al, Oxford admissions should stay slightly inscrutable, that way people get a chance to shine on the day or bring some genuine passion to the table rather than tick-box th...

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  • 12:55, 17-12-2008 on The Darkly Dreaming Knight:

    I reckon it's a theme the show itself is aware of and playing upon. Dexter likes to think that he's a superhero, he likes to bel...

  • 18:31, 16-12-2008 on The Darkly Dreaming Knight:

    Glad you're enjoying Dexter, they take up your angle on it in a couple episodes later on, and even made some weird website spino...

  • 12:37, 12-12-2008 on Thoughts on Braid:

    Because game design isn't something you can be binary about. It's a bit like writing, sometimes it works for you sometimes it do...

  • 12:10, 12-12-2008 on Thoughts on Braid:

    Oh come on, there is a serious case of rose-tinted spectacles in here now. Use monkey on metronome, anyone? That ridiculous goat...

  • 10:59, 12-12-2008 on Random Review ... yet again:

    Sadly, in GtW you need to do really well before you can afford an accountant to fulfil this function.

  • 16:15, 11-12-2008 on Thoughts on Braid:

    It is a bit chalk and cheese isn't it, but then again most linear puzzlers are by virtue of the genre. I'm sure commercial conce...

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