Sonia Mitchell


Sonia claims that she'd like to be a Clint Eastwood character when she grows up. Not the one with the pet orang-utan though.


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  • at 18:58 on 01-02-2014

    Huh, I got one of those for our domain at work. Sounds like the exact same wording. Subject line "A quick question about sponsored content for"? I'm not going to reply.   I...

  • at 00:02 on 19-01-2014

    but yeah it's that whole gatekeeping thing that confuses me the most about nerd subculture. As if "nerd" is some coveted identity that people have to earn

  • at 21:09 on 24-12-2013

    And yet it's an actual real shop, not just a dodgy website. I drove past it a couple of weeks ago.  I will concede that it is on the same road as an established Doctor Who shop (but I'...

  • at 18:24 on 23-12-2013

    Apropos of nothing, a Steampunk shop has opened in my town. It's an actual shop you can go to.  I'm so confused. I can't see how that can possibl...

  • at 13:18 on 18-12-2013

    Topically, Marks and Spencer are making their toy packaging gender neutral n...

  • at 18:16 on 17-12-2013

    Equally, though, aren't action figures just as overpriced as dolls are?
      Absolutely. I was just thinking about the bit in the article that said parent were wat...

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