Sonia Mitchell


Sonia claims that she'd like to be a Clint Eastwood character when she grows up. Not the one with the pet orang-utan though.


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  • at 13:52 on 12-07-2014

    Oh yeah, html. Right.  Transformers passports.

  • at 13:50 on 12-07-2014

    Latest odd news from the Isle of Wight - passports for tourists sponsored by Transformers.   I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I WANT A ROBOT FERRY AND THIS UNDERLINES THAT I DO NOT HAVE A ROBOT FE...

  • at 18:59 on 25-06-2014

    Re: Oscar Wilde - I think The Happy Prince would be the poster boy for nice guy syndrome. He gave up all his gold and jewels and all he got was crummy posthumous recognition. The spar...

  • at 18:58 on 01-02-2014

    Huh, I got one of those for our domain at work. Sounds like the exact same wording. Subject line "A quick question about sponsored content for"? I'm not going to reply.   I...

  • at 00:02 on 19-01-2014

    but yeah it's that whole gatekeeping thing that confuses me the most about nerd subculture. As if "nerd" is some coveted identity that people have to earn

  • at 21:09 on 24-12-2013

    And yet it's an actual real shop, not just a dodgy website. I drove past it a couple of weeks ago.  I will concede that it is on the same road as an established Doctor Who shop (but I'...

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