Sonia Mitchell


Sonia claims that she'd like to be a Clint Eastwood character when she grows up. Not the one with the pet orang-utan though.


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  • at 00:17 on 13-12-2014

    I also have one - Catharsis By Rabbit, article 982. It's not time-sensitive though, so after Christmas is fine by me.  In festive news, I wish <a href="

  • at 19:07 on 29-10-2014

    I can't think of a single instance where a Victorian era (or style, in the case of some fantasy) mental institution wasn't filled with staff that's wilfully malvolent and abusive. ...

  • at 16:41 on 02-10-2014

    I think there's also an added burden of responsibility (morally rather than legally) when you're actually selling the content, as opposed to making it available as a historical resource. If yo...

  • at 01:23 on 19-09-2014

    Alison Bechdel has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (aka genius grant). That's pret...

  • at 19:08 on 16-09-2014

    Sorry, bad brain moment. I thought it was Wednesday today.

  • at 18:55 on 16-09-2014

    The referendum hasn't been held yet. It's on Friday, with results expected Saturday morning.

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