Sonia Mitchell


Sonia claims that she'd like to be a Clint Eastwood character when she grows up. Not the one with the pet orang-utan though.
She tweets at @UnrealSonia


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  • at 16:38 on 04-01-2015

    That's exactly what it is.   Funnily enough, I have a Jurassic Park article half-completed anyway. I think I may need to buy this book as additional research.

  • at 15:31 on 04-01-2015

    Oh man, a novel due on 12th Feb is hitting my interests.  It's a monster book! Set in a zoo! Written by Matthew Rei...

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  • 20:11, 15-02-2019 on Ferret Blogroll:

    It's been a good run, ferrets. Thanks to you all, and I hope to keep following your thoughts and reviews. For the blogroll: ...

  • 20:10, 10-01-2018 on Cakes on a Train:

    Thanks, Arthur. It’s been far too long.  The Johnny Depp think did occur to me. It’s a good performance but ...

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