Jamie Johnston


Jamie is more an antique Roman than a Dane. He is straight and slender, and more than common tall. He is ill at reckoning, but he knows a hawk from a handsaw and is advised what he says, neither disturbed with the effect of wine nor heady-rash, provoked with raging ire. He is an unfee'd lawyer, but not covetous for gold. He is a foe to tyrants. He is not gamesome, and does lack some part of that quick spirit that is in Antony. He loves not wisely but too well. He is a better scholar than he thought he was, so he'll call for pen and ink and write his mind.


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  • at 23:37 on 05-03-2015

    Could be because the axes on the graphs didn't have proper values marked. Lack of scientific rigour is severely punished round here. ;)

  • at 19:45 on 13-12-2014


  • at 20:05 on 30-11-2014

    I'm not sure, I'm afraid. On a Macbook (which is what I'm using) you can drag two fingers in opposite directions on the track-pad and it will zoom in. That's how I did it. If you're using a...

  • at 01:24 on 16-11-2014

    The source of the latest blowup is this.  The initial blowup hap...

  • at 12:40 on 27-09-2014

    They report back with findings on any problematic context and the publishers have a chance to rectify their texts. If they refuse to do so, the body files a lawsuit at the European...

  • at 19:08 on 16-09-2014

    Cheriola, I don't know anything about Germany's federal states but what you're describing in terms of policy areas sounds similar. Scotland has a fair bit of control over culture, education, ...

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  • 12:20, 17-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    On the subject of attempts to verbalize the extent to which one does or does not care, I've just heard someone out in the street...

  • 16:42, 03-08-2014 on This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Monogamous:

    Aha, I just popped by to ask if people would recommend Fairyland -- I have friends who loved it, but when I...

  • 16:28, 03-08-2014 on Timeo Daneos et Donar Ferentes:

     :) <a href="http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=tombola...

  • 13:11, 03-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    And, like I say, it generally isn't descriptive linguists who rant about how the language is being destroyed by sign...

  • 14:04, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Dan, I was writing my comment above before I saw your latest so I hadn't appreciated that you doubt whether people have ever act...

  • 13:58, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Hello folks! I'm still alive, for better or worse. A couple of thoughts on 'couldn't care less'.  I think maybe part o...

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