Jamie Johnston


Jamie is more an antique Roman than a Dane. He is straight and slender, and more than common tall. He is ill at reckoning, but he knows a hawk from a handsaw and is advised what he says, neither disturbed with the effect of wine nor heady-rash, provoked with raging ire. He is an unfee'd lawyer, but not covetous for gold. He is a foe to tyrants. He is not gamesome, and does lack some part of that quick spirit that is in Antony. He loves not wisely but too well. He is a better scholar than he thought he was, so he'll call for pen and ink and write his mind.


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  • at 09:35 on 17-03-2016

    @Alice: I like the 'Ancillary' books a lot and am maybe just being a bit defensive about them, but I feel like that review is mainly criticising 'Ancillary Justice' for not doing things that i...

  • at 08:49 on 16-03-2016

    Here's a shiny thing: Spooky action at a distance is a new review blog with an interesting premise and an interesting format. The premise is that in...

  • at 11:41 on 13-03-2016

    A slight variant of the idea (though I'm not sure whether this would make it more or less work for you) would be to have a sort of semi-regular round-up / digest, which could include nibbles n...

  • at 18:58 on 13-02-2016

    Happy birthday Ichneumon! (Better late than never, I hope.)  And hopping in (also a bit late) to the conversation about The force awakens: I confess my memory of the original t...

  • at 17:48 on 09-01-2016

    Gosh it's been years since I saw that film but I remember it being very good. Surprised to know it's so hard to get hold of! They certainly used to show it on UK television fairly often.

  • at 23:06 on 05-01-2016

    ... the article editor itself only recognises the years from 2006 to 2015...
     The Decennium Bug strikes!

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