Jamie Johnston


Jamie is more an antique Roman than a Dane. He is straight and slender, and more than common tall. He is ill at reckoning, but he knows a hawk from a handsaw and is advised what he says, neither disturbed with the effect of wine nor heady-rash, provoked with raging ire. He is an unfee'd lawyer, but not covetous for gold. He is a foe to tyrants. He is not gamesome, and does lack some part of that quick spirit that is in Antony. He loves not wisely but too well. He is a better scholar than he thought he was, so he'll call for pen and ink and write his mind.


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playpen posts

  • at 11:30 on 20-04-2014

    Hopping in slightly late (as usual) to the webcomics thread. It's been ages since I caught up with Bad machinery but I used to really like it. In...

  • at 20:57 on 02-04-2014

    The TeXt Factor theme tune performed by otamatones.

  • at 01:43 on 03-02-2014

    People do remakes of films all the time; also TV shows, theatrical adaptations and new versions of songs. Why do books have to be different?
     It's interesting, thou...

  • at 00:00 on 28-12-2013

    It's this one. Not really opposite the station but fairly close, so I imagine it's the same one you're thinking of — I'd be surprised if there were t...

  • at 13:10 on 25-12-2013

    Maybe part of the plan is for Ryde to become a sort of major geek destination, like Glastonbury for New-Agers. Some people will travel quite a long way for niche stuff. There's a Doctor W...

  • at 23:21 on 28-10-2013

    So Pear took me to the Kitschies' Secret histories discussion panel event this evening and unless our ears were very much mistaken ...

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  • 12:20, 17-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    On the subject of attempts to verbalize the extent to which one does or does not care, I've just heard someone out in the street...

  • 16:42, 03-08-2014 on This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Monogamous:

    Aha, I just popped by to ask if people would recommend Fairyland -- I have friends who loved it, but when I...

  • 16:28, 03-08-2014 on Timeo Daneos et Donar Ferentes:

     :) <a href="http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=tombola...

  • 13:11, 03-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    And, like I say, it generally isn't descriptive linguists who rant about how the language is being destroyed by sign...

  • 14:04, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Dan, I was writing my comment above before I saw your latest so I hadn't appreciated that you doubt whether people have ever act...

  • 13:58, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Hello folks! I'm still alive, for better or worse. A couple of thoughts on 'couldn't care less'.  I think maybe part o...

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