Rami has lived on three continents, can get by in three languages, and got a great deal on a three-for-one university degree. In his free time, he can generally be found fiddling with open-source software and websites, in which he is joined by his stuffed toy penguin Aristophanes.


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  • at 03:27 on 24-01-2014

    Dear lord I just saw the TV trailer for the Vampire Academy film. It looks hilariously bad.

  • at 19:15 on 24-08-2013

    @Cheriola: just wanted to chime in with a big +1 for Parker on Leverage -- one of my favorites. Although the general attitude amongst the other characters (and most reactions to her, ...

  • at 16:54 on 21-01-2013

    OK, you may have seen this already or be sick of variations on this theme, but I just discovered this fantastic YouTube video. I can't...

  • at 10:34 on 24-12-2012

    Wintermas campaigns are the best...

  • at 22:47 on 05-06-2012

    Sorry for the delay, folks -- we should be back up with very few server errors.

  • at 23:46 on 27-04-2012

    And I suppose the alternative future where the AIs / aliens / other transhuman entities just ignore humanity is the equivalent of Purgatory or Limbo?

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