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Claire E. Fitzgerald is the world's leading Internet Psychologist. Last year she won the prestigious Adler-Freud Award for Making Stuff Up. Look out for her forthcoming self-help book, Climbing The Me Me Me Tree: How To Boost YOUR Self Esteem By Being A Dick To Everybody Else. She is also the author of 101 Ways To Beat Procrastination, due to be published in October 2004.


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  • at 09:14 on 10-06-2013  This is cosmically adorable.

  • at 19:32 on 20-12-2012

    CK2 is on my Christmas list...hopefully shall be Crusading my underworked ass off in the New Year.  Speaking of my underworked ass, do any ferrets still WoW?

  • at 12:35 on 08-06-2012

    That is literally the best thing I have seen for a very long time, and I would visit the shit out of any museum that had one. Where is it? 

  • at 00:28 on 08-06-2012

    After this, though, I think we need to start bringing taxidermists under some sort of ethical review board.
      I agree, as long as they can have a "but it *was* ...

  • at 23:03 on 23-10-2011

    Actually, I don't mind being called a faggot, as (1) it proves my prosthetic wowcock is convincing, and I'd much rather be a gay than a woman on the internet, and (2) it gives me the chance to...

  • at 16:17 on 23-10-2011

    Was the argument something along the lines of "it's *prejudiced* to treat LGBQT  people the same as straight people JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUALITY"?
      I th...

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  • 20:20, 01-10-2011 on Review: SPESS MARIEN:

    I have just found out what "Wii Dare" is, thanks to you. You owe me a whole bar of brainsoap.

  • 01:03, 05-08-2011 on A Form of Dating :

    I'm not going to comment on the content of this comic right now, because I haven't read it yet. But I will soon, because I'm in...

  • 21:08, 17-07-2011 on Making History:

    Nykinora - I take your point. We certainly 'did' sub-Saharan Africa and Central America at school, but it was presented entirel...

  • 10:57, 29-11-2010 on Making History:

    But seriously...  This is a step in the right direction - but then, as far as I'm concerned, *any* widening of the sylla...

  • 10:40, 28-11-2010 on Making History:

    Not all the Henries are boring! Take Henry II for example:  ACT 1 - The 1150s  HENRY II: Mam, Dad, Auntie Matil...

  • 12:21, 08-02-2010 on Categorically Misguided:

    GAH!! Sorry Jamie!!! You know how easy it is to confuse libraries and pizza restaurants, right? Especially if you're, uh, a bit...

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