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  • at 01:55 on 10-03-2014

    Go Alasdair!!

  • at 16:35 on 23-02-2014

    I don't have anything to add to the 1% discussion - other than to agree with Dan. During the Occupy happening, I kept reading comments by POC, working class Americans going basical...

  • at 03:19 on 19-02-2014

    Marrying someone you knew in school after you've had some years to go out and be an adult and stretch your wings and find yourself and all that jazz is a very different prospe...

  • at 00:57 on 19-02-2014

    To be fair, I don't remember (but might be forgetting) any suggestion in the early books that James and Lily married immediately on graduating from Hogwarts. It'd make sense that t...

  • at 16:33 on 09-02-2014

    I thought i'd share, my sister just informed me that the furor - at least in some quarters - around JK Rowling's shipping thing has much less to do with questions of reading p...

  • at 19:24 on 22-08-2013

    Shimmin: Out of curiosity: can people think of examples of male characters who act within the expected female range, and how do they come across?

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  • 21:02, 24-05-2016 on Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Afterword:

    FWIW, you could totally read the ending of the book now and decide Voldemort lives on and Harry's descendant could be the next d...

  • 20:44, 19-02-2016 on The Omen That Portended Wolf:

    I loved this first movie when I was a kid, and I realized I never quite got one of the biggest differences between it and the ot...

  • 20:30, 19-02-2016 on That Clown, That Dreadful Assclown:

    Totally agree with this review--it's all coming back to me now that I read about it!  I also second or third the suggest...

  • 03:56, 26-10-2014 on Only Ye Cheesiest Awfulness:

    I've seen this movie more than once and could never make sense of it--I'm glad to know that this was not actually my fault.

  • 00:50, 24-03-2014 on Going Bullshit:

    I feel the need to weigh in on Jacob's Ladder since I really liked it and agree with James. Though I do understand feeling like ...

  • 13:55, 14-03-2014 on Sovereign. Deadly. Perfect.:

    Yes, it seems like their focus on Ashley reminds me of what Scott says at one point after he thinks he's found the ...

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