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  • at 17:03 on 09-03-2012

    I mean had I been playing Dudeshep and I'd whacked some woman in the face I'd have felt awful but because Femshep did it I was just "omg, I get to participate in the macho bullshit too! YA...

  • at 14:00 on 09-03-2012

    I made Jesus Shepherd once to be a very bearded paragon but I only played him for about 5 minutes before I couldn't bear to go on.   Haha, glad its not just me   ...

  • at 13:11 on 09-03-2012

    accidentally made look like a duck?! How?!  Well I was trying to distinguish her from my Paragon Shepard who was a total plank, but it a lovable sort of way, so I tried to giv...

  • at 12:57 on 09-03-2012

    Incidentally, I am non-functional with excitement because MEIII is out today.  Tell me about it. Although the fact that I accidentally deleted my original Shepard has dented m...

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  • 17:26, 12-10-2010 on No Shit?:

    Yea I would have to agree. I really enjoyed the first one but two and three left me increasingly colder.

  • 21:00, 25-05-2009 on Boobs With Superpowers :

    I think the point that Tolkien tries to make is that for anyone to want to fight - emphasis on want - there has to b...

  • 19:04, 25-05-2009 on 23 boxes of tissues on the Jellicoe Road:

    And especially renaming it Jellicoe Road – that really irked me!   I think what I really loved was the way that ev...

  • 18:51, 25-05-2009 on Boobs With Superpowers :

    Genuinely fascinating debate…  I think Arthur’s point about her and Faramir offering a new non warrior model...

  • 09:42, 23-05-2009 on 23 boxes of tissues on the Jellicoe Road:

    Kyra thanks SO much for writing this review. Just finished it (was anal enough to get my cousin in Australia to buy and post me ...

  • 14:37, 19-02-2009 on Battlestar Galaticaarrggh:

    Yea, the first season was undoubtedly the best...   Haha, internal consistency was a definite casualty of later episodes...

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