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  • 20:55, 28-09-2010 on The Demon's Blah Blah Blah:

    Coming to the discussion late, as I am wont to do.  Wow. This is a great discussion about writing different cultures fr...

  • 19:29, 16-05-2010 on Go Ask Alice When She's Ten Feet Tall:

    First off: So glad to hear someone take this movie to task for what it did to the source material. I was so mad after shelling...

  • 17:22, 20-03-2010 on Meaninglessness at 35000 Feet:

    Interestingly, I just saw this film last night at a second-run theater. I ended up enjoying it but wondering how this managed t...

  • 01:32, 02-02-2010 on Desperately Seeking Susan:

    *Sorry, that was rather longer than I'd anticipated.*  No worries. See, I didn't hear anything about this criticism sca...

  • 10:01, 01-02-2010 on Desperately Seeking Susan:

    Heh. Speaking of the awfulness of Richard Gere reminds me that I saw Jerry Orbach sing "Razzle-Dazzle 'Em" in a Broadway compil...

  • 09:59, 01-02-2010 on Desperately Seeking Susan:

    I understand what you're saying about Susan Boyle not being an equal in skills or practice to Elaine Paige. I'm not sure why it...

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