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Andy is a self-righteous Guardian-reading philosopher. He uses excessive redundant and superfluous adjectives (and too many brackets).


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  • at 16:59 on 13-03-2015

    I feel very close to your own thoughts, Arthur. I haven't read any Pratchett for years, but what I realised this week was that I've still read more books by him than any other author, at least...

  • at 15:51 on 13-11-2014

    @Cheriola: Just don't try to get them to pronounce "Angela" correctly (or at least German-ly)! My particular bugbear recently has been the way that Angelique Kerber's surname gets pronounced.<...

  • at 10:12 on 13-11-2014

    Anyone else seen Interstellar and mystified by the overwhelmingly ecstatic response? I thought it was dull, long, emotionally hollow and intellectually vapid. I generally like Nolan's films bu...

  • at 22:53 on 10-11-2014

    A book that I translated earlier this year has just been released in English as an <a href="

  • at 22:47 on 29-10-2014

    I don't think films have a duty to do PR for modern mental health or care institutions, where there's a lot of systematic abuse/neglect. However, there is something in the idea that it's artis...

  • at 22:59 on 04-10-2014


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