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Andy is a self-righteous Guardian-reading philosopher. He uses excessive redundant and superfluous adjectives (and too many brackets).


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  • at 11:10 on 25-06-2014

    Is Breaking Bad to blame for the fedoras?

  • at 16:37 on 21-02-2014

    Aha, I hadn't realised it was a median figure. That makes a lot more sense then.   On this topic, I did actually look up the statistics on <a href="

  • at 10:17 on 21-02-2014

    Not that it makes much a difference, I make it a factor of around 16.5.

  • at 10:10 on 21-02-2014

    Just a mathematical quibble, but does it make sense to compare the average income of the 1% of Americans with the average income of the 100% of Americans? Doesn't the $50,000 average itself in...

  • at 12:41 on 23-01-2014

    Ooh, did the font change here subtly? Or is my browser just displaying it differently?

  • at 11:53 on 16-01-2014

    Or if not a shared experience, at least a shared mythology of ostracism. I can easily imagine that there’s something very appealing about claiming the benefits of victimhood....

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