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Nathalie is shorter and less funny than she thinks she is, and would like to be better at crosswords. She lives in a world of beer, rage and socks.


  • Top Gear Live Nathalie and Rami went to Top Gear Live. Nathalie reviewed it.
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  • at 14:31 on 26-07-2009 this one, I mean this one, or, how to sell a book nowadays.

  • at 14:31 on 26-07-2009

    (Thanks to Gina Dhawa for this one)

  • at 19:34 on 10-03-2009

    @Kyra, re Yeats: I could get behind that. ;) I was very proud t'other week of Gina asking if the books on my bedside table were intended as a shag-pile when they were actually what I was readi...

  • at 08:05 on 20-02-2009

    That's true - although because it's the Catholic Church I did expect it to have some links to historical views of women because let's face it, they are from the past. Although when I actually ...

  • at 23:03 on 19-02-2009

    That's interesting in as how it bears no relation to the emotions that most people relate to different genders - for example, pride and anger are generally considered to be "masculine" when pe...

  • at 22:28 on 24-12-2008

    @Rami: The Pope can't really talk about 'gender confusion' when he's wearing a fucking dress!

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  • 19:07, 27-07-2009 on Not-So-Very Lovely:

    Jamie: Thanks for all the background, you've really illuminated what's going on here - why I always felt it was a poor show comp...

  • 15:00, 26-07-2009 on Not-So-Very Lovely:

    I would say that the song Lovely is definitely supposed to be quite ironic. However, that doesn't necessarily vindicate i...

  • 21:20, 13-05-2009 on Filthy-Gorgeous:

    Oh man, I read this and it was fantastic! I think I agree with everything you've written here - erotica aside, it was a really g...

  • 21:15, 23-02-2009 on I, Whedon:

    (Follow up to previous comment fail - should be "you've said", and agreeing not being as common as I'd like relates to men's vie...

  • 20:37, 23-02-2009 on I, Whedon:

    Ooh, good article! I think I agree with everything you've had said (which is not as common as I'd like when it relates to femini...

  • 21:57, 19-02-2009 on Dollhouse: Thoughts:

    @Kyra: Joss Whedon: Minority Warrior is an excellent name for your Joss Whedon joke! Mine is Joss Whedon Understands, followed b...

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