• Educating Vitae In which choices are explored, people do things they know to be bad, blood is unhelpfully like sex, and there are altogether too many types of vampire.
  • Beasts in Crinoline Or, how Kim Newman sold the same story twice.
  • Wings of Love(craft) In which Shim enjoys about half an anthology, quibbles terminology, is predictably mean about stuff that appears suspiciously literary, and makes no song references whatsoever.
  • Going Underground In which Shim battles monsters in the shadow-haunted depths, frees the people from a hideous blight upon their fair town, and accessorises like anything.
  • GOGathon: I Just Wanna Leave While I'm Alive In which Shim is inconvenienced by Lovecraftian horrors, tormented by game designers, and impressed by early technical accomplishments in Alone in the Dark.
  • GOGathon: You Just Keep Me Hangin' On In which Shim is alternately enthralled, diverted and thwarted by Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
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  • at 14:21 on 06-11-2018

    The RPG blog is all I have - I don't consider it dead, but work commitments + repeated minor illness over the last year or so have comprehensively kicked my arse and not left me time for RPG m...

  • at 23:05 on 26-08-2017

    Not sure if people have run across this yet. In a slightly bizarre development, S.T. Joshi not only pulled out of the biannual Lovecratian con NecronomiCon, but posted up some <a href="http:/...

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    There definitely won't be any problems this year. We have our reunion meetup this October and everything, down in the lakeside Ferret Clubhouse. It's fine, because the path never gets...

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    "Like Innsmouth, but with more rape" seems to be a distressingly common approach. I just read one by Brian Stableford, there's that whole Alan Moore thing.  It feels so point-m...

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    @Robinson: I can't imagine Scotland leaving the UK and not rejoining the EU, it'd be really vulnerable. Also Scotland is heavily pro-EU, and I suspect the other EU countries would be happy to...

  • at 19:33 on 04-05-2016

    I always wondered how serious it was supposed to be. Lovecraft's section is verging on self-parody, though not outright there, and Howard's section is superlatively machismic. The writing ci...

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