• Educating Vitae In which choices are explored, people do things they know to be bad, blood is unhelpfully like sex, and there are altogether too many types of vampire.
  • Beasts in Crinoline Or, how Kim Newman sold the same story twice.
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playpen posts

  • at 23:05 on 26-08-2017

    Not sure if people have run across this yet. In a slightly bizarre development, S.T. Joshi not only pulled out of the biannual Lovecratian con NecronomiCon, but posted up some <a href="http:/...

  • at 12:09 on 02-10-2016

    There definitely won't be any problems this year. We have our reunion meetup this October and everything, down in the lakeside Ferret Clubhouse. It's fine, because the path never gets...

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