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Robinson L maintains a livejournal account under the handle Arkan2, where he reviews and/or rants about books, movies, tv shows, his college, and politics. Reportedly crashed into an asteroid in late 2004 and died a fiery death. He got better. He aspires to be (in no particular order) a successful author, an activist, and a parent.


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  • at 18:06 on 19-04-2017

    Thanks for the advice, Arthur; I'd completely forgotten about the Dreamwidth option.  I mean, if I'm reading the "Account Termination" (6th point) accurately, they say they're going to...

  • at 20:00 on 18-04-2017

    @Ibmiller: Just wanted to let you know that I've been meaning to respond to your latest comments on livejournal but, 1) I'm traveling again right now and kinda busy, but more importantly, 2) I...

  • at 15:15 on 05-04-2017

    I haven't followed this particular controversy too closely - I read about the "diversity is destroying the franchise" comment and that's about it.  That said, I think you've laid out t...

  • at 22:15 on 31-03-2017

    I finally caught The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin on audiobook recently. I like how it presents a very familiar sci-fi scenario (one of the biggest staples of the genre) in an utter...

  • at 15:00 on 31-12-2016

    So, I presume most everybody knows this by now, but I feel it's worth commenting here that Carrie Fisher died on Tuesday, and her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after, at the ages of 60 and 84...

  • at 03:36 on 15-12-2016

    Ichneumon: They, too, are victims of modern capitalism and patriarchy, but they fail to understand that women and minorities and poor people and immigrants and young people and que...

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  • 20:15, 03-04-2017 on I, Reader:

    @Arthur: That’s true about 50s sensibilities, or so I gather. Maybe he just changed his mind.  

    Orion: ...

  • 16:02, 30-03-2017 on Dissecting Lovecraft Part 8: Supernatural Horror In Biography:

    Oh yeah, I also meant to say that Lovecraft sure had a classy way of saying, “sure kid, by all means include a character m...

  • 16:00, 30-03-2017 on I, Reader:

    Perhaps it’s another feature of the time skip between novels, and Asimov’s perceptions about what he can get away wi...

  • 20:36, 25-03-2017 on Dissecting Lovecraft Part 8: Supernatural Horror In Biography:

    So this is the payoff to all the deliberately mysterious hints you've scattered throughout this Lovecraft series. Interesting.<b...

  • 20:30, 25-03-2017 on I, Reader:

    And remains Mrs. Bailey throughout? So, a philanderer, then. I suppose that's not too surprising.

  • 18:30, 24-03-2017 on I, Reader:

    I listened to I, Robot on audiobook eight or nine years ago and I found it all right, despite, as you say, Asimov’s...

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