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Robinson L maintains a dreamwidth journal under the handle irreverent intellectual, although he hasn't been active in a few years. Reportedly crashed into an asteroid in late 2004 and died a fiery death. He got better. He aspires to be (in no particular order) a successful author, an activist, and a parent.


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playpen posts

  • at 03:30 on 11-11-2017

    Oh yeah, two other minor points I really liked, the first one a minor spoiler.  It turns out that Loki

    stashed Odin in some sort of building that was subsequently torn down, a...

  • at 00:36 on 10-11-2017

    Saw Thor Ragnarok with some of my family earlier today (as my stepmother pointed out, there was no colon in the credits; maybe it's their family name). There are many aspects to it I re...

  • at 20:00 on 08-11-2017

    So, just to be clear, Arthur, when you answered "Yes" to my post from a month ago, I take it you were responding to the question  

    Was whatever magic you worked last ye...

  • at 22:02 on 02-10-2017

    Oh hey, it's October again already. And that being the case, I think it's important that we know:  Was whatever magic you worked last year to stave off the annual blackout a conti...

  • at 18:15 on 28-08-2017

    Ichneumon: The Ellen Datlow thing is particularly paranoid-sounding.
     Yeah, I found that jarring as well. His argument for why Datlow is not a True Lovecraft Fan co...

  • at 20:36 on 18-08-2017

    Recently came across this Washington Post article about <a href="

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  • 00:02, 16-11-2017 on Clotheslining the 1%:

    I’ve never seen this movie, and unsurprisingly, the first time I heard a plot breakdown of it was in 2012 or 2013 on a pod...

  • 00:00, 16-11-2017 on Cat Scratch Slayer:

    Me neither. It was just this weird thought that hit me completely out of the blue. Just one of those things, I suppose.

  • 20:15, 15-11-2017 on Cat Scratch Slayer:

    So, Arthur, this is just a wild guess, but by any chance, did you adopt a cat recently? Or begin a relationship with someone who...

  • 22:30, 31-10-2017 on Substandard:

    I recognized what movie this was going to be from the title and description before I read the article—and I’ve never...

  • 22:02, 31-10-2017 on Walking Out of the Interview (With the Vampire):

    Hmm, interesting. I’ve never read any of Rice’s books, but I saw a video from a couple of years ago talking about th...

  • 22:00, 31-10-2017 on Lumley Makes a Psychomess of It:

    Huh, it’s too bad the story apparently collapses in on itself, because the premise as you describe it sounds like a pretty...

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