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Robinson L maintains a livejournal account under the handle Arkan2, where he reviews and/or rants about books, movies, tv shows, his college, and politics. Reportedly crashed into an asteroid in late 2004 and died a fiery death. He got better. He aspires to be (in no particular order) a successful author, an activist, and a parent.


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  • at 15:00 on 31-12-2016

    So, I presume most everybody knows this by now, but I feel it's worth commenting here that Carrie Fisher died on Tuesday, and her mother Debbie Reynolds the day after, at the ages of 60 and 84...

  • at 03:36 on 15-12-2016

    Ichneumon: They, too, are victims of modern capitalism and patriarchy, but they fail to understand that women and minorities and poor people and immigrants and young people and que...

  • at 05:36 on 12-12-2016

    Apology accepted, of course, Ichneumon, and I don't blame you for getting grim, under the circumstances.  Mostly I'm thinking about an article which I didn't read but read about where ...

  • at 18:30 on 09-12-2016

    Ichneumon: Just chiming in as an actual American here
     Er, the way you say that, it makes me feel like I should check to make sure my citizenship hasn't been revoke...

  • at 22:30 on 19-11-2016

    Yes, well, formatting aside, I think it's an excellent analysis, one which largely aligns with the commentary I've seen already, but in slightly different language, which I find useful in reac...

  • at 15:30 on 16-11-2016

    Also, I think it was on DemocracyNow!'s post-election analysis, someone pointed out that the media has yammered on and on over the past ~decade and a half about the radicalization of Muslims o...

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