Robinson L


Robinson L maintains a dreamwidth journal under the handle irreverent intellectual, although he hasn't been active in a few years. Reportedly crashed into an asteroid in late 2004 and died a fiery death. He got better. He aspires to be (in no particular order) a successful author, an activist, and a parent.


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playpen posts

  • at 15:30 on 18-04-2019

    So sorry to hear about Gene Wolfe, Arthur. I still haven't gotten around to checking out his stuff, other than one short story, and a novel I read like, a chapter or two of, at most; maybe som...

  • at 03:25 on 29-01-2019

    ... Catching this belatedly: A dedicated Discord channel sounds like a great idea to me. I like the idea of holding more Playpen style conversations elsewhere, if enough folks would be into th...

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