Robinson L


Robinson L maintains a livejournal account under the handle Arkan2, where he reviews and/or rants about books, movies, tv shows, his college, and politics. Reportedly crashed into an asteroid in late 2004 and died a fiery death. He got better. He aspires to be (in no particular order) a successful author, an activist, and a parent.


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playpen posts

  • at 18:02 on 20-06-2017

    A couple of my sisters and I watched the movie again with our dad and his second wife this weekend. My father's second wife grew up reading Wonder Woman comics in the 50s, and she wasn'...

  • at 15:30 on 12-06-2017

    Went to see it with my mom and all three of my sisters on Saturday. It's rare for us to all go to a movie together these days, though because it was evening and on a weekend, we had to take se...

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  • 20:30, 24-06-2017 on The Fouling of the Howling:

    Shim: I find it very pleasing how these articles can take something I just wouldn't watch, and still turn it into en...

  • 20:01, 24-06-2017 on Machen Fairies Grim Again:

    By Victorian standards in general, and particularly by Machen’s standards, any sex act not emphatically author...

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