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  • at 15:31 on 06-04-2014

    I have just started watching Starz' Treasure Island prequel Black Sails and when this inspired me to do some cursory pirate research, I was interested to note that in 2010 Fo...

  • at 20:39 on 24-03-2014

    I think basically it only makes sense if you assume the target audience is somebody who agrees strongly with the opening sentence and has never considered the reply, so your thought process is...

  • at 23:18 on 22-03-2014

    XKCD gripe squad: ACTIVATE!
      Oh dear, that really was annoying.  It wasn't even trite, because being trite implies saying something a least vaguely coh...

  • at 19:17 on 13-03-2014

    Grats Alasdair!  On that particular XKCD, it low key annoyed me for most of the same reasons it didn't work for James D, it relies on a deeply contrived setup which doesn't, to me, fee...

  • at 18:07 on 21-02-2014

    I'll be the first to agree that people with medium and high levels of wealth have plenty of illusions about ourselves and our privilege that we need to unravel, but I think positin...

  • at 15:53 on 21-02-2014

    Something else I might add is that I suspect income inequality is pretty steep all the way up.  Checking out the Forbes Billionaires list, it's interesting to note that the richest man...

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  • 11:02, 05-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    There are dialects where "I forgot it at home" is unacceptable? Hey, I learned something new!

  • 13:43, 03-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    @Chris A  

    I don’t think it’s reasonable to parse “completely, utterly, absolutely” a...

  • 22:27, 02-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    @Chris A  

    I think it’s accurate to call this usage a reversal of the original sense (though calling th...

  • 22:01, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    1. There is also already a phrase in English used to indicate a small, nonspecific level of caring and that phrase i...

  • 21:04, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    On a tangent, is "proper english" something that was born out of Oxbridge?
      Not really. Oxbridg...

  • 20:59, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    I don't agree. "I couldn't care less" *does* mean "I don't care at all"; that's all it really *can* mean, and I'd us...

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