Melissa G.


Melissa is excited to be on the contributer list of Ferret Brain. She has been sitting on the side lines softly cheering and discussing the issues in her own head (with her many personalities), and she's glad she finally found the courage to jump in and test the waters. Melissa is an aspiring writer, and when her books one day get published, she greatly looks forward to the ferrets tearing it to shreds come review time.


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playpen posts

  • at 04:26 on 15-06-2013

    Oh, I didn't realize someone had already brought it up! I'll go search further down to find Arthur's link!

  • at 01:19 on 15-06-2013

    @Melanie: Is it? O_o I literally don't know anything about it other than that he made it at his house with a bunch of his friends. It kind of seems like a major vanity project, tbqh, and if ...

  • at 23:50 on 14-06-2013

    So apparently Joss Whedon made a movie of Much Ado About Nothing in which he cast (no surprise) a b...

  • at 00:05 on 09-04-2013

    I watched some of those. They're pretty fun. Nothing special, but entertaining.

  • at 19:21 on 04-04-2013

    We ended up buying a bunch of multiple business card holders and things of that nature (little cups for random little items) to try and keep things more organized during the set up and during ...

  • at 00:33 on 03-04-2013

    *scribbles notes furiously*  Thanks for all the game recs!   @Shimmin  I really like co-op games because I can get too competitive and it's much more fun for me to wor...

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