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  • at 22:07 on 04-11-2009

    Hmm, on the one I have (Sony Reader), if I hold down the page turn button, it skips I think 5 or 10 pages at a time. If I hit one of the numbered buttons on the side, it pops up a little dialo...

  • at 19:21 on 04-11-2009

    I was fiddling one in Waterstones and I genuinely couldn't see how it was any better than a book.
      Then again, I'm not entirely certain that the intent is for ...

  • at 22:01 on 21-10-2009

    @Rami C: I usually consider it in the light of a snark-along. Sometimes it's just more fun to see the pain for yourself.  On the other hand, there are a few good books here, and much l...

  • at 00:26 on 21-10-2009

    Further diversion into frivolity: I've now spent at least $80 on books within the past few weeks thanks to you lot. And as soon as I finish the books of dubious quality that I purchased on Ama...

  • at 23:46 on 15-10-2009

    Soooo according to this guy, if I am female AND gay (or lesbian, whatever)...am I then required to ruin SF twice as fast?  That's a big expectation. I don't know if I can handle it or ...

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