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  • at 19:23 on 11-08-2012

    Maybe they'll up the racism with Chinese internment camps, though Koreans, Japanese, Thais, Malaysians, Vietnamese, et al people from that quadrant of the world would be in the camps as well....

  • at 02:17 on 30-07-2012

    re: the opening ceremony... China lol'd.

  • at 03:16 on 29-06-2012

    No. He ruins it. Like meat, you need to let the joke rest.

  • at 16:49 on 10-06-2012

    Sadder, the other person

    who couldn't problem solve that easy solution is also a woman... a woman whose character shows some survivor instinct and who I liked way more than Sh...

  • at 05:18 on 10-06-2012

    And that is the only character who we are suppose to root for.

    She is essentially Job with David playing the dual role as the Adversary and God: judging her faith by interpreting her...

  • at 18:31 on 09-06-2012

    The movie was a bit faith-based for my tastes. Not that I'm anti-faith, but Scott seemed to beat the shit out of you with it.

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