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  • at 18:41 on 29-06-2016

    Adrienne, I'd be interested to see your take on Tamora Pierce as well. I loved her books as a teenager. Reading them more recently, I've been a lot less impressed.

  • at 20:06 on 27-08-2013

    Trying to think of other films that fail the reverse Bechdel test. I think Arrietty might qualify, unless Spiller has a conversation with Pod (I don't think so). Certainly can't think of many...

  • at 19:13 on 05-03-2012

    I've only read Perdido Street Station and about a third of Un Lun Dun. I very much liked the former (yes, the plot is the weakest part of it, but it isn't in any way actually bad, and everythi...

  • at 12:52 on 25-06-2011

    It seems to me that, regardless of your right to be rude to people (which I wouldn't dispute), you have a much better chance of persuading *anyone* of your viewpoint if you're polite and reaso...

  • at 21:15 on 08-06-2011

    "Science" takes an unexpectedly long nine steps to reach "philosophy", but does get there.

  • at 17:22 on 08-06-2011

    The Indo-European Languages one seems to be a very easy one to hit, since links to "Greek" are actually quite common- I've ended up in that same loop twice now. Still interesting how many topi...

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  • 18:11, 01-08-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    Dan,  > Neither "I could care less" nor "I couldn't care less" mean "I do not care at all"   I don't agree. ...

  • 15:20, 29-06-2013 on Chirps of the Reading Canary:

    Gosh, Arthur, you've finally reviewed a book I've actually read. I remember really liking Magician, but I read it when I was abo...

  • 11:15, 18-05-2013 on Quiz Night!:

    I agree question 9 is the worst; the answer is just wrong. All three sentences are perfectly correct; the last is perhaps a slig...

  • 19:00, 12-12-2011 on Left Hand of Hmmm:

    It's a while since I read tLHoD, but I think my overall reaction was similar- it's good, and has some interesting ideas, but it'...

  • 12:50, 26-05-2010 on GCSE Biology, Why Have You Forsaken Me?:

    "Artist" doesn't mean "someone with an art degree" any more than "scientist" means "someone with a science degree". It refers to...

  • 18:26, 24-05-2010 on GCSE Biology, Why Have You Forsaken Me?:

    I don't think I share your dislike for "scientist". Yes, it has rather a broad scope, and yes, it is often used to create an air...

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