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Alasdair Czyrnyj is convinced that something horrible is going to happen in the near future, but isn’t entirely sure what. As a result, he spends most of his time in pensive discontent, which is far less enjoyable than it sounds. He often reads books, sometimes finishes them, and occasionally writes about them. Nowadays he does most of his blogging at The Futurist Dolmen.


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playpen posts

  • at 02:02 on 04-07-2016

    Sunny, you forgot that the machine that can put men's minds into women's bodies (and the reverse) is also canon.  But yeeeeeahh Gene was kind of a creep. You can find stories about the...

  • at 20:57 on 22-05-2016

    Out of the blue question: Arthur, what can you tell me about Rogue Trooper? I know the very basics (shirtless blue man fights a lot of dudes on futuristic hell planet), but I just want ...

  • at 21:37 on 06-02-2016

    Speaking for myself, when I saw TFA, I was mostly struck by how, well, bleak the movie was. There's this subtext to the film about how all the happily-ever-afters promised at the...

  • at 20:28 on 17-12-2015

    Repetitiveness is a problem for any long-running comic, but I do wonder if the strip is still relevant in any way. I mean, Adams was finally able to leave the office world in the early-mid 199...

  • at 04:15 on 05-10-2015

    Gotta admit...seeing the trailers for these new, gigantic open-world games with all this customization, sidestories, and the like...I just wonder when people get the time to finish them...

  • at 01:02 on 23-06-2015

    Oh, please, go ahead and comment! I need all the traffic I can get!  With Korra the ballooning cast is definitely a side-effect of the show expanding from a miniseries to a full...

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