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  • at 14:52 on 31-05-2012

    For some reason, the clumsiness of the prose in that blurb bothers me far more than the subject material.

  • at 13:32 on 16-05-2012

    Feminazguls is made of win.  I do wonder if it would have its name changed for copyright violation reasons, but then a friend of mine made a joke guild called 'Necronomnomnomicon' and ...

  • at 10:05 on 16-05-2012

    Wow, did they change the definition of "victimise" while I wasn't looking or something? o_O  And I love the analogy. I would love to make a guild called "Feminazis", but I think my fr...

  • at 20:34 on 04-05-2012

    The lack of a coherent plot symbolises the inherent randomness and meaninglessness of life.

  • at 13:23 on 04-05-2012

    Yeah, I'm great at imagery and characterisation but terrible at plot. I'd say I ought to do some sort of collaboration if I wanted to be a writer but I really don't think "inability to plot" ...

  • at 12:05 on 12-03-2012

    So, uh, I was going to ask for ME3 for my birthday, which is soon... is there any point to doing that? Or is it no good thanks to the ending?

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