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  • at 09:30 on 13-06-2016

    This news destroyed me. I wasn't able to function yesterday and don't feel much better today. I'm only two degrees of separation from some of the victims. And while we're mourning our dead opp...

  • at 19:44 on 05-10-2015

    MGSV can be a lot of fun, but god the story is incredibly disappointing. The opening sequence in Cyprus might be one of the best sequences in a Metal Gear game and then once you get into the o...

  • at 18:40 on 11-02-2015

    That whole thing was painful, but I really can't get over the Nazi tracksuit.

  • at 19:48 on 03-10-2014

    Holding websites to the mercy of advertisers is of course the best way to combat censorship.  I saw <a href="

  • at 19:58 on 01-10-2014

    "A tolerant society needs to discuss disturbing art, but only in ways I personally approve of."

  • at 14:19 on 08-09-2014

    Yeah, from my perspective as a genderqueer aspiring game dev all the talk of protesting corruption in the industry just looks like a smokescreen for a campaign of harassment and it terrifies m...

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