Orion is an American undergraduate desperately trying to get his 21ness on the internet. When not opining profligately, he plays tabletop RPGs and writes fiction. He has been a shephard, a whitesmith, a karate teacher, and a Japanese teacher.

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  • at 19:25 on 20-06-2015

    I mostly agree with you Alasdair. I may write you a longer comment to drive traffic on your blog. It hadn't occurred to me to think of the problem with the supporting characters in terms of th...

  • at 18:37 on 23-02-2015

    Honestly, I feel like you could have cut the entire interview and just posted this exchange:  RPS: Do you think you wanted them to be true rather than believed they were true? <br/...

  • at 19:08 on 14-02-2015

    A truly excellent follow-up to the UVA fiasco. http://jezebel.com/rush-after-a-rape-on-ca...

  • at 19:48 on 11-02-2015

    I don't understand the edits. It's mortifying enough without the stutterframes and whatnot. I wish they had just let the tape run.

  • at 22:00 on 08-12-2014

    I thought better of my comment almost immediately, but I want to let it stay up. On reflection, I don't think it's a survivor's job to screen their story for identifying details while thy're t...

  • at 21:57 on 08-12-2014

    I have a family member who teaches at UVA. I've taken a couple of classes there myself. Rolling Stone fucked this up epically. UVA has a huge problem both with their fraternity culture and the...

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