Orion is an American undergraduate desperately trying to get his 21ness on the internet. When not opining profligately, he plays tabletop RPGs and writes fiction. He has been a shephard, a whitesmith, a karate teacher, and a Japanese teacher.

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  • at 21:42 on 11-01-2016

    it could be that LoL doesn't allow you to be choosy about who you play with but simply teams you up with utter randoms...  inconvenience some random strangers and cause a mild dip ...

  • at 21:31 on 10-01-2016

    League is not an MMO by any conventional definition, which is pretty much the main point of the post.

  • at 14:05 on 16-07-2015

    So, the much-vaunted MRA-directed "documentary" "expose" of Anita Sarkeesian's alleged perfidy is finally out, kind of. The filmmakers had a falling out, but one of them has released a 40-minu...

  • at 06:20 on 12-07-2015

    What's the opposite of a reading canary? A reading meerkat? I'm thinking of a creature that slumbers through dull early seasons and set-up novels, then jumps to attention when a story gets goo...

  • at 19:25 on 20-06-2015

    I mostly agree with you Alasdair. I may write you a longer comment to drive traffic on your blog. It hadn't occurred to me to think of the problem with the supporting characters in terms of th...

  • at 18:37 on 23-02-2015

    Honestly, I feel like you could have cut the entire interview and just posted this exchange:  RPS: Do you think you wanted them to be true rather than believed they were true? <br/...

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  • 22:01, 19-12-2015 on A Sword That Could Do With Sharpening:

    I have to say the premise, both setting-wise, and split-siblings-manipulated-by-rival-figures-wise sounds like it could be prett...

  • 16:15, 03-10-2015 on Fists of Mediocrity:

    Skimming through the comments, I was briefly convinced there existed something call the "Corefister" trilogy.

  • 21:28, 29-09-2015 on The Wonderful Shitbag of Oz:

    Even when you're doing a Christmas Carol scenario, where the whole point is that your protagonist is a terrible person who r...

  • 00:58, 11-09-2015 on Elephants On the Citadel:

    Shepherd turns on the Crucible and is about to press the "destroy all reapers" button when the starchild appears and begs her no...

  • 00:50, 11-09-2015 on Elephants On the Citadel:

    To build on what Arthur said, I think it would have helped a lot if they made it clear from the beginning that the Crucible was ...

  • 08:03, 28-07-2015 on One Man's Burning Hatred for Anime:

    I think you've been mislead by the headline, which really should be "one man's burning hatred for an anime." It's pretty clear f...

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