Orion is an American undergraduate desperately trying to get his 21ness on the internet. When not opining profligately, he plays tabletop RPGs and writes fiction. He has been a shephard, a whitesmith, a karate teacher, and a Japanese teacher.

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  • at 07:10 on 02-12-2013

    Arthur,  Perhaps schaemenfreude?

  • at 02:26 on 29-10-2011

    It was my recollection that Kyra had posted on this site about the upcoming Atlus game "Catherine" and something she described as a "gay templar game." The Google does not avail me.

  • at 09:25 on 22-10-2011

    Apparently there's also a DLC that lets you team up with Felicia's boobs in Dragon Age II as well. Truly we live in strange times.

  • at 08:38 on 01-10-2011

    I really can't blame anyone for not getting into Eva. It's got serious flaws in concept and execution at every level, from the pacing, the incomprehensibility, the sexism, extensive stock foo...

  • at 23:19 on 30-09-2011

    Actually on second glance it looks like this may be a deliberate Evangelion-Homage. The kind written by someone who thought what Eva really needed to be was a Boys Own Adventure.

  • at 23:17 on 30-09-2011

    If I wanted young robot pilots fighting aliens while navelgazing about their disturbingly misogynistic sexualities I would watch Evangelion. Damn, now I want to track down a copy of the new Ev...

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  • 06:29, 25-01-2013 on You, Blowhard:

    I suspect Duncan has Lucifer gushing about the beauty of creation to solve a plot hole caused by his imported Catholic theology....

  • 06:11, 25-01-2013 on Kindlefluff 3: Royal Androids and Wanker Detectives:

    You know, thinking over the Tungsten Method silliness, I almost wonder if it's meant as a Buffy shout-out. I don't Urban Fantas...

  • 19:31, 03-07-2012 on Elephants On the Citadel:

    I downloaded the Extended Cut and loaded an old save to check it out. So far the stupid three husks in the stupid cutscene with...

  • 21:55, 02-11-2011 on A Form of Dating :

    I think a lot of this hinges on whether you look at it as a polemical tract with anecdotal evidence included or as a literary na...

  • 20:03, 28-10-2011 on A Form of Dating :

    Okay, so let me apologize in advance for double-posting as I know many communities frown on that. I also realize the number of ...

  • 19:46, 28-10-2011 on A Form of Dating :

    The trouble with bad press is that it so often has the opposite effect. The first time this article came around I was intrigued...

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