Orion is an American undergraduate desperately trying to get his 21ness on the internet. When not opining profligately, he plays tabletop RPGs and writes fiction. He has been a shephard, a whitesmith, a karate teacher, and a Japanese teacher.

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  • at 23:36 on 02-08-2016

    @Robinson,  When I was at University of Chicago, Westboro Baptist once came to campus. My Episcopalian friend met them with a "God Hates Figs" sign (Mark 11:12-14)  I'm not sur...

  • at 18:52 on 27-03-2016

    I don't have a Pando membership.

  • at 07:49 on 24-02-2016

    Robinson -- I don't remember exact words but I believe that's basically Ben's mantra in the death star bombing run. -------------------- Why isn't Leia a Jedi? Well, because the premis...

  • at 22:36 on 17-02-2016

    On the Force, and Belief  American culture celebrates two kinds of faith. There is the neoliberal ideal of faith in yourself, and there is the charismatic ideal of faith in God. I tend...

  • at 21:42 on 11-01-2016

    it could be that LoL doesn't allow you to be choosy about who you play with but simply teams you up with utter randoms...  inconvenience some random strangers and cause a mild dip ...

  • at 21:31 on 10-01-2016

    League is not an MMO by any conventional definition, which is pretty much the main point of the post.

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