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  • at 11:17 on 27-09-2012

    I've helpfully compiled my #casualvacancy tweets. Have fun.  More will probably come later if I can make myself ...

  • at 21:01 on 05-09-2012

    A rise, dear. Anglophones have such a poor grasp of their own language. So embarrassing.

  • at 20:27 on 05-09-2012


    I had/have absolutely no knowledge of the Indian literary scene, as you've doubtless guessed.
      Strange: when you know nothing about a subject,...

  • at 20:16 on 05-09-2012


    Plenty of things exist outside of the western context, but english language published fantasy novels? Not one of those. Those are uniformly written by westerners, sold ...

  • at 18:19 on 05-09-2012

    Yes, I know exactly what you said and what you meant.  The sheer myopia of it is still appalling. Well done on acting as though noting exists outside the white supremacist western "con...

  • at 16:33 on 05-09-2012

    Axiomatic, are you trying to give the world a reason to perform an ethnic cleansing on all whites?  In case it wasn't clear, your spew is quite offensive.

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