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  • at 14:38 on 26-10-2014

    Are they not keeping to Constantine's original timeline, then? He was in the institution in the late 70s, if I recall. (In the comics. I enjoyed the film, but it has very little in common with...

  • at 18:47 on 14-08-2013

    Are you doing both? I'd love your take on Nine Worlds too. One of the best con experiences I've ever had.

  • at 15:34 on 20-07-2013

    It just seems to me that Beatrice and Benedick are much more fleshed out, rounded characters, where the situation of Hero and Claudio is presented as the problem they have to solve. H & C ...

  • at 02:22 on 17-07-2013

    I think they're meant to be the main focus -- they get all the good lines. I think they might also actually have the MOST lines, but it's been a while and I don't have a copy in front of me t...

  • at 21:39 on 24-04-2013

    I read that one as a reversal. Isn't it saying that the face is the portrait getting older, while the mind inside stays youthful?

  • at 06:20 on 10-04-2013

    Richard Nixon spent his last couple of decades trying to rehabilitate his public image and mostly succeeding in taking on this sort of elder statesman role, to the point where Clin...

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