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  • at 16:07 on 28-07-2014

    Dan Simmons is one of the sad ones, for me. I really liked Hyperion (not so much the sequels, of course) and enjoyed The Terror quite a bit as well, because "stranded ship full of people slowl...

  • at 10:36 on 27-06-2014

    Interesting - I wonder why a fedora/trilby/newsboy cap/whatever else we're wearing seems sharp and flattering, but a top hat or a powdered wig is (for now) frumpy, ridiculous or costumish. Jus...

  • at 09:44 on 27-06-2014

    I could go with Hussar outfits on men...Reminds me of watching Remington Steele a while back, where Pierce Brosnan was a Neil-Caffery-like character and wore a lot of slim three piece suits an...

  • at 21:47 on 24-06-2014

    Re Mist of Avalon - I remember thinking it was more or less ok (I was like 13 when I read it,) but I just took an Arthurian class, and there were some really strong (positive, that is) feeling...

  • at 21:43 on 24-06-2014

    Poor fedora. I think it's a nice hat.   (I also think this kind of self satisfied "bow before the authority of my progressive judgment" thing is pretentious and pointless, but truth be...

  • at 21:43 on 20-06-2014

    @James D,  Beer Sheva campus has a good trove of Brutalism as well. (I love <a href="http://static.wixstatic.com/media/0fdfb1_0969877df11e464306f8e27e0ebe47cd.jpg_srz_1181_1778_85_22_0...

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  • 23:37, 31-07-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    In all seriousness, though I'm actually rather impressed that you admitted that. Even people who aren't shrieking pedants an...

  • 15:19, 31-07-2014 on I Could Care Fewer:

    "Its" is appalling. I used wrong for a very long time. It still looks wrong to me not to have an apostrophe there.   It'...

  • 11:35, 20-04-2014 on What The Fucking Fucking Fuck JK Rowling?:

    The odd thing is, I think that while I largely agree that HP is a bit mincing when it comes to Grindlewald/Dumbledore, it's also...

  • 12:14, 29-01-2014 on First Dig Twenty-Two Graves:

    I find Breaking Bad really entertaining but weirdly un-compelling. If I turn it on I know i'm going to be reliably engaged for t...

  • 23:08, 28-01-2014 on Across the Face of the Bored :

    How geekily-particular is it that what bothers me about this review is the implication that geographers make for tedious worldbu...

  • 21:17, 28-01-2014 on First Dig Twenty-Two Graves:

    A Breaking Bad kind of scenario (which I still haven't seen the last three seasons of) of a person driving themselves down and d...

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