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I'm a youngish finn from Helsinki, with an academic (ongoing) background from the University of Helsinki. I am a courageous, timid man whose soul rejoices in successful compromises between valuable points of view. In that respect I try to achieve the same welfare on the internet as the welfare I've been blessed with by my home country. And as my quest is doomed on the webs, I hope it does not prove reciprocal in domestic politics. In literature and popular culture I aim to be all inclusive, which means that both my knowledge and tastes are very eclectic (though if you have any views on William Battie's position in the topology of medicinal science in mid eighteenth-century England, I'm all ears (this would be called 'päteä' in finnish)). I do still like Robert Jordan. And George R.R. Martin. I have a soft spot for door stoppers, though I have been unimpressed with the newer generation, as befits my gradual turning into an elitist elder gentleman (construction complete in 2031). I harbor some ambitions in publishing, but hey, I'm kinda busy right now and perhaps rather in finnish first as unaccustomed as I am in writing in english. The photo represents our darling corgi Nuuti, all puffed up in regal splendor, as I am before turning in.

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  • at 08:15 on 03-01-2018

    People keep making that point and I keep thinking "the galaxy just had some 30ish decades of comparative peace. That's frankly rare even on our one little planet."

  • at 20:06 on 29-08-2017

    I know there is not much point in picking out one idiotic utterance from a stream of them, but this somehow shines out:  

    Our centers of learning have converted to power pol...

  • at 19:50 on 12-12-2016

    My apologies as well for being patronizing, I tried to think on a very general level and on the phenomenon of populism as such. Although I'm not an american(but finnish), we do have our own cr...

  • at 19:23 on 19-11-2016

    Ugh, I need to stop using my phone to write such long things. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs.

  • at 19:21 on 19-11-2016

    An interesting view on the rise of popularism and more extreme parties is that it also reflects a backlash against political elites. And while the varied prejudices(racism, misogyny, &c.) ...

  • at 12:12 on 05-09-2016

    @Robinson: Sorry it took me such a long time to answer! I'm just starting my new studies in mathematical statistics and am kinda swamped right now, since I really need to work on my math s...

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