Guy spent millenia travelling the heavens on his magic surfboard, searching for a planet with magnificent fjords. And here it is! Legends also tell of him rising again to serve England in its hour of greatest need, which seems strange as he's not dead, or English.


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  • at 09:16 on 04-03-2019

    Oh, it's going!  I guess all things pass...  Ferretbrain was one of my favourite places to go on the internet, long long ago. I guess I changed, the internet changed, life became mor...

  • at 18:31 on 26-05-2013

    I can't find it right now, but there's a comment somewhere on this website by, I believe, Dan, about games that "comment on the nature of complicity" in a certain rather overdone way... anyway...

  • at 00:55 on 01-04-2013

    I've played about half of Avernum:EftP, and I suppose what I'd say is it's very old-school RPG. There's quite a bit of nostalgia value in that for me and I've enjoyed it, but... there...

  • at 23:11 on 12-03-2013

    Thanks - I laughed 'til I choked.

  • at 11:14 on 21-02-2013

    ...and of course, making webcomics about 'em doesn't count as "saying something negative about a person who's not in the room". See, he's not saying, just writing!

  • at 09:03 on 27-10-2012

    Is Frog Fractions the greatest free edutainment parody game ever created? You be the judge!

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