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  • at 01:40 on 08-07-2016

    It would definitely be nice to de-center Christianity in any religion vs. no religion dynamic, and have something else serve as the representative religious option, for sure. With an ensemble ...

  • at 04:31 on 06-07-2016

    Serial television definitely seems like a better medium for Trek. It allows for a true ensemble cast instead of two heroic guys plus sidekicks and comic relief, so you can actually show...

  • at 04:04 on 04-07-2016

    My skin crawls every time the Ferengi say "Feeemaaales!" I think we have all actually met those guys.  Oh, the transporter accident that reveals Kirk's personality is half rapist! Whic...

  • at 19:09 on 03-07-2016

    Changing topics, that oral history of...

  • at 00:05 on 03-07-2016

    Did anyone else here read the anthology Long Hidden : Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History? Lots of really great stories from both new authors and established greats like Tan...

  • at 03:09 on 17-09-2015

    Well, I can definitely understand him not trusting Tony Stark. (And how do you even call Thor? Does he even get cell service wherever he hangs out?) But this does highlight how awkward it is t...

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