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  • at 14:54 on 07-06-2012

    All I look for from the Holocaust in media is for it to recede far enough into the past that it stops being the secret evil past that movie villains are trying to hide. (We read enough kid-mar...

  • at 14:40 on 24-05-2012

    What I find interesting is trying to understand second language speakers in your second language(s). I always found Russian speakers nearly unintelligible in French, but clear in Hebrew. And p...

  • at 15:37 on 07-03-2012

    Dark Souls takes so long to play because it refuses to tell you its basic ground rules, then kills you over and over again for failing to understand them. As a player, you proceed not by th...

  • at 16:52 on 05-03-2012

    Past the Bas-Lag books (and excluding Un Lun Dun, which I thought clever and fun though ultimately very light), I read The City & The City, which I loved for reasons that have little to do...

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