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  • at 16:07 on 17-03-2015

    In more Pratchett memorial news, my sister Noria shared this picture w...

  • at 18:39 on 16-09-2014

    I'd recommend Eldritch Horror over Arkham Horror. It's kind of a second edition of that game, and has been greatly streamlined while retaining most of what makes AH engaging. ...

  • at 05:25 on 06-11-2013

    Huh. Is that a sort of narcissistic thing, because they perhaps resemble each other(credible couch theory)?
      It probably is because they resemble each other. S...

  • at 02:58 on 23-10-2013

    It means that "nature" is just... everything that exists, I guess, and that "natural" just means things that can happen.
     I remember reading a book about advert...

  • at 15:46 on 03-04-2013

    I'll second Ghost Stories as a lot of co-op fun; four immortal priests exorcising the most haunted village in China is an awesome concept. I'll add Space Alert, which is hilarious and basicall...

  • at 17:28 on 02-04-2013

    I work at a boardgame store, so they're work and play to me. Love 'em. My personal tastes run to big sprawly hours-long games.

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